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Star Wars Television in 3D

Published March 15, 2006 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of unknown
George Lucas George Lucas
Though George Lucas may have taken a bit of extra flack for the new trilogy of Star Wars, the director is watched just as closely by those who belittle him as by those who love him.

Ever since the release of the original Star Wars, which is now seen as a Hollywood changing event, Lucas has media attention follow him to every project.

After the release of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, we were told, by Lucas, that we should expect Indiana Jones 4, a live-action television series for Star Wars, a CG animated series for Star Wars (Clone Wars), and the return of all six Star Wars films to theatres in stunning 3D. Though we are equally stoked on all four concepts, we figured that Star Wars 3D would strike first and hit theatres as early as 2007; but we have since heard no word on the project.

The details on Star Wars 3D have been lacking, but it does look like Lucas is willing to embrace the medium to the level of James Cameron-- who has also been looking for ways to go 3D crazy.

George Lucas on Star Wars Television and Indy 4

George Lucas is happy with how far the 3D medium has come. Though he once would have never considered using such a process in his films, the director is beginning to think that 3D may someday become a must.

While discussing his past, present and future with Time, Lucas gives a few updates on his upcoming Star Wars projects plus Indiana Jones 4.

Do you think audiences are so technically sophisticated now that they know the difference between formats? Virtually every CGI animated feature has been a much bigger hit than any non-CGI over the last ten years. Is that just a coincidence or a better story?

Lucas: What happened with Pixar is they made brilliantly creative movies, but they looked different. They had a different quality about them than on television, than Rugrats. When you see a 3D movie, you assume it’s a higher-quality movie and it’s something you don’t see on television. Now the television show I’m working on, the Star Wars television show, is 3D.

When you said you were going to do Star Wars in 3D, do you mean in the old-fashioned 3D?

Lucas: Yeah, with glasses and everything.

On Indy 4

If youíre retired, I guess youíll be less involved with an Indiana Jones 4 than you were in the first three?

Lucas: Well, Iíve been working on Indy 4 for ten years. So Iíve been more involved, so no matter how you count it on this one Iíll be more involved than Iíll have ever been on the other three put together. Itís taken forever to get a script of it. Thatís my part of it.

Isnít Harrison Ford now older than Sean Connery was when he played his father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

Lucas: Uhh, yeah. But the thing is designed for that. And I think itís funny, itís exciting. You know the problem there, which is not a problem, is that we donít have to make that movie. All we can do is hurt ourselves, all itís going to do is get criticized. I mean itís basically Phantom Menace weíre making. No matter how you do it, no matter what you do, it wonít be what the other ones were in terms of the impact or the way people remember them.

The interview with George Lucas over at Time is the length of a Bible with Lucas discussing everything from favorite gadgets to Steven Spielberg.

After reading the report you may notice that there is no mention of the Star Wars films in 3D, which hurts.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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