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Published January 19, 2006 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of ABC
After the return of ABC's hit Wednesday night television series LOST the show has come out swinging with two hard-hitting episodes. Considering that the show couldn't seem more popular, the latest two episodes were enough to at least draw added interest around the series.

Or were they?

LOST Battles Fox for Ratings

Though the recent episodes for the second season of LOST have been top-notch, they did not experience the highest of ratings. Unfortunately for ABC, FOX has unleashed two new shows-- American Idol and Skating With Celebrities -- to battle for the Wednesday night television viewers.

According to Variety, LOST was able to hold the number one slot for the 9PM slot with 19.3 million viewers (7.2/16 in 18-49). Sure, the numbers were still pretty solid but could have been even better if it weren't for FOX's marketing move to have the series premiere of Skating With Celebrities air right after Idol at 9PM last Wednesday.

Should ABC worry about its new competition in FOX? Probably not. Skating With Celebrities will now return to its normal schedule on Monday nights; Fox hopes the show will take some of its new audience with it.

However, how do you pull people away from a desolate island with deep characters, ghosts, a monster and a hostile tribe?

Speaking of the first two episodes since the extended break for LOST, how crazy are they? The first episode gave us our first extended look at the dark-cloud creature that judges and kills people at will. For some unknown reason the creature decided that Eko, a man with a darker past than most the island inhabitants, was worth letting live.

Then, to top it off, we finally have a somewhat civilized conversation with the other tribe on the island known as 'the others.' They claim that the only reason the 'survivors' of Oceanic Flight 815 have survived on the island is because they, 'the others', allow it. However, don't piss in a host's backyard or you may just feel the consequences.

By the way, I still think the entire show is taking place in purgatory (or some type of dream state).

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of ABC

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