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ABC Offers More on Lost

Published October 5, 2005 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of ABC
Lost The Hanso Foundation
Though the third episode to the second season of LOST has probably been the most revealing show yet, there is still ton to learn. Actually, the information presented in the latest episode opened more doors of possibilities rather than closing any. It turns out that a corporation has built a center on the island where a team of two sits around to do tests on various studies that include The Hanso Life-Extension Project, The Hanso Quest for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and The Hanso Cryogenics Development Imperative. According to an orientation video, something has happened that has caused the scientific corporation, The Hanso Foundation, to create a countdown sequence that needs to be reset every 108 minutes. What happens if you don't reset the countdown you ask? Well, according to Desmond, something near to that of the end of the world. What the?

LOST Theories Find New Sources

The theories for LOST are bound to flood the internet thanks to this latest episode of the show. Though Desmond mentions that the world will end, the orientation video says no such thing; except for the fact that the countdown sequence must be reset. Another issue is that the video has a couple skips and glitches, causing us to miss some information that may be valuable in order to figure out what the hell this sequence is for.

To start, what is the reasoning behind the number 108? If it is in relation to chapter 108 in the Quran, then it relates to abundance and faith. A person who is not willing to make a sacrifice based strictly on faith, will lose all hope for the future. Does this chapter relate any to Jack? Who knows, but thought I'd throw it out there.

Is it possible that the facility is just one giant psychology test, like Jack mentions, or is that as solid as a fart in the wind? Personally, it does seem like a typical psych test to fuck with peoples minds, but there is something more here. Unfortunately the third episode for LOST has made me, well, completely lost. Luckily, ABC is setting up the second info site for the show titled under the mysterious Hanso Foundation. Though the new site barely shows any new information or clues for the show, it does feature some interesting fields of study by Hanso and friends.

The number one field of study that popped up on my radar was that of The Hanso Cryogenics Development Imperative. Put this study right next to The Hanso Life-Extension Project and we can kind of see the goals closest to Mr. Hanso's mind. Is this show something like Vanilla Sky, with a company similar to LE looking over all these characters grouped together in a cryogenic freezer? Therefore, I can keep my theory that all the characters did in fact die but, instead of going to purgatory, they have all been placed in the same cryogenic freezer to live on in a sense.

Well shit, I am babbling. Head over to The Hanso Foundation to get even more sucked in to the hit series that has us all LOST.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of ABC

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