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Pack Your Toga and Go to ROME!

Published August 24, 2005 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of HBO
HBO: Rome Poster HBO takes us to ROME
Considering that I am a big fan of toga parties and have appreciated just about every show HBO has been able to fling at me, I am happy to announce that HBO’s New Original Series, ROME, is coming our way this Sunday, August 28th. We posted a first look at this upcoming show here. However, if you just need something more to get you amped for this Sunday, check out these ROME featurettes, behind the scenes, and video clips!

ROME Clips

If you are just sitting bored at work or are just looking for an easy way to kill about forty-five minutes [a solid lunch break], check out not one but two special featurettes for the upcoming show ROME. The first sets of clips are hosted over at AOL Television and feature a preview for the film plus a thirty-minute 'Making Of'. This alone should get you warmed up and ready to host the next toga party [one of the easiest theme parties to pull off] in no time. But, if you are a person of action, these clips also show a nice preview for the battle scenes we can expect from the series.

Watch these ROME featurettes at AOL Television

Just when you thought you had your fill of ROME, Yahoo! TV also has a featurette and one clip from the show. After watching the clip titled 'Amends', I have to say that the production value on this show looks damn good; or should I say HBO quality. You can immediately tell why they had a high budget on this one, and there was nothing more than just scenery and camera work for this clip.

To check out these clips, head over to Yahoo! TV.

Being that ROME is a product of HBO, the same people who brought us the uncensored series Sopranos and Deadwood, and that it has one of the highest budgets ever placed on a series [a series that is 12 episodes], I am pleased to say that it is good to know Sunday night television is back again.

To help celebrate the arrival of ROME this Sunday, we are also giving away to official posters for the series thanks to the folks over at HBO; looks similar to image above. To win, just register below and tell us your favorite HBO series to date along with your email address and nickname so we can contact you if your name is selected. After you submit your registration, you will be brought back to this page. Don't worry, we got your registration. We will not use your registered info for anything but the contest, your information is then deleted after the contest is run.

Register to Win

Email Address:  

Stay tuned for comments and the winner of the ROME posters.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of HBO

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