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Gore Jumps on Current TV

Published August 2, 2005 in Television
By Beth Rodio | Image from Current TV
Current TV Current TV
How does a former vice president with a reputation for unintentionally impersonating a robot (the Star Wars kind, not the Blade Runner kind) running a hip, high tech network sound?

It has to better than Viagra commercials.

Gore Gets Plugged In

On Monday former vice president Al Gore achieved what he has been working towards for more than a year: he owns and runs a cable network for young, high tech America. The network, called Current TV and formerly Newsworld International, runs very short, viewer inspired programs called "pods."

Reuters reports:

"Billed by Gore as a TV outlet that encourages a "two-way conversation" with its audience, the network offers professionally produced segments and viewer-produced videos running from a few seconds to 15 minutes in length."

Current TV offers a high level of interaction between the viewers and the programs. About ¼ of the programming on Current TV comes from the viewers, and even more than that results from viewer influence. The website allows feedback as well as submissions for the show.

Check out Current TV for more information.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Beth Rodio
Sources: Image from Current TV

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