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David E. Kelley to Move through Cable?

Published July 28, 2005 in Television
By Beth Rodio | Image from ABC
Boston Legal Boston Legal
David E. Kelley, producer of such shows as "Boston Legal," "Boston Public," "L.A. Law," and "Ally McBeal," has recently expressed his discouragement over the air time given in each hour to advertisements.

He wants to leave network television.

Will Ads Move Kelley to Cable?

According to the Associated Press, Kelly wants to stay network, but has become disheartened by the change in airtime given to hour-long shows. When "L.A. Law" aired it aired for 48 minutes. "Boston Legal," claims Kelley, airs for 41.

7 Minutes signifies a pretty big addition to commercial time, especially since most commercials only have about 30 minutes to sell their product, adding 14 more commercials per episode of "Boston Legal."

Kelly reportedly seeks other options, wanting to stay public and avoid the move to cable. He currently avoids the co-production used for "Ally McBeal" because he wants to protect the artistic freedom he has on "Boston Legal" and is afraid that sponsors will be offended by some of the subject matter.

It is noteworthy that, when we are starting to see product placement in shows themselves, Kelly is trying to downplay the commercial aspect of his show.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Beth Rodio
Sources: Image from ABC

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