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LOST S1 Coming to DVD

Published June 14, 2005 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image from Amazon
LOST Purchase the Complete First Season from Amazon
It is true, I am not all that big of fan of television. The only TV shows to grab my full attention this year were American Idol and LOST. And, of these two, I had to be home for LOST [thank God for TIVO]. However, I'm not the only one to feel this way over the hit ABC television series, making me happy to announce you will be able to bring LOST home within a few months.

LOST: The Complete First Season

I have been begging both my parents and friends to sit down on Wednesday night and check LOST out. Well, with the release of the first season to DVD, now I can force them to borrow the DVD and get started on the series. Just like the hit Fox show 24, once you watch a few episodes of LOST in tandem, you are hooked and should easily finish the series in less then a couple weeks.

I can also now use the pause/rewind button to help dive a little bit deeper into my LOST THEORY; a theory that states all of these characters are currently sitting in purgatory. Lately the theory has been gaining strength with the special sneak-preview for the second season of LOST that can be accessed HERE.

LOST: The Complete First Season will hit store shelves on September 6th.

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Ryan Parsons
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