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Michelle Rodriguez is LOST

Published June 6, 2005 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Universal
Blue Crush Will Michelle [dark hair] offer surfing lessons on the island?
For all of you LOST fans out there, we have a brief update for you on a new cast away set to join the LOST 'survivors' beginning second season. Can you guess who?

Rodriguez Goes to LOST

If you remember in the season finale of LOST, we see that Jack gets to meet Michelle Rodriguez's character in an airport bar right before take-off. And, if you remember that you should also remember that the hit it off and it seemed that Jack could have joined the mile-high club on the doomed flight of Oceanic 815. However, it would have seemed that this chick died considering she states that she will be sitting at the back of the plane; the same back the split away mid-flight.

But No! According to Variety, this chick has also 'survived' the crash, and we should expect to see Michelle Rodriguez's character a whole bunch starting second season.

What this probably means is a nice little love triangle between Jack, Kate, and the new lady. However, shouldn't be too much of a problem considering that a Ménage à trois is more than likely. Remember, whatever happens on 'the island' stays on 'the island.'

Stay tuned for updates

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Universal

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