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New CPM Advertising Program Up and Running, BLOG Pages Now Up

Published December 4, 2004 in INSIDE CANMAG.COM
By Ryan Parsons | None
One of the new Blog banners.

Our new advertising system has been fully tested and tweaked with nothing but passing marks.

New CPM Advertising Program Operational

I have finally finished implementing the new CPM advertising program that will control advertisements for all future issues of The Can Magazine. The program runs great and offers the user the ability to view their advertisement stats with ease. Because of this latest update, we have listed a few ad spots up for auction over at Ebay. This will give us a chance to allow actual users to get a feel for the program and see where the program can go from here. If you were interested in advertising, head over to our Advertisers Page where we have current advertising details and links to our listed advertisement spots for auction on Ebay.

*The next stage for the program as Daily Statistics, which I am currently working on. This utility will hopefully be completed by next issue.

Update: The Daily Statistics program is now completed and fully implemented into our advertising stats program.

Blog Software Done

I have just finished the Blog software that will control the first two blog pages for The Can Magazine. Currently, we offer a blog page for entertainment scoops and another blog page for general entertainment discussion.

Entertainment Scoops

General Discussion
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