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We Have Just Converted Our Advertising Program to CPM

Published November 27, 2004 in ADVERTISE ON CANMAG
By Ryan Parsons | None
Have your ad viewed 50,000 times for as low as $20.00

Just a brief heads up for advertising on CanMag.Com. I have recently finished completely re-vamping our ad system as it now runs on CPM instead of issue to issue. This way you will be guarenteed the impressions purchased rather than the variability of views that come with each issue.

CanMag Online Advertising Goes to CPM

With this update, we will now be able to keep issues running much longer [four months] instead of every month and a half; meaning more favoritism from search engines. All ads will be puchased based on CPM and you will also be able to view how many total impressions you have used in your campaign. While the program only allows our advertisers to view total impressions used, I am currently working on having the number of impressions each day logged so you can see which days are the busiest. Also, if your impressions used ever seem off or incorrect, we hope you to contact us so we can check our own daily impression stats to see if anything is amiss as we currently have some days that can have 3X the impressions as our daily average. An example being the release of the Star Wars Episode III: ROTS trailer that we are currently hosting.

If you have ever been interested in Online Advertising for your site or business, check out our Advertising page as our rates our low and you can have 50,000 impressions for as low as $20.00.

The program should be fully polished by the release of the next issue [~December 20] when it will take over for our old ad program.
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