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Notice the Updates at CanMag.Com

Published November 19, 2004 in INSIDE CANMAG.COM
By Ryan Parsons | None
Changes, Changes, Changes
Some more updates that should be highly beneficial to our readers at CanMag.Com.

The Lists: Movies, Reviews, Trailers

There will now be three automated lists on the left side of your page that offer the latest in reviews, top upcoming movies, and trailers. Reviews and trailers will be listed in the order that they were released or written. The 'Top Movies' list will be listed by the most popular [most opened] titles. The top ten will always be within the left bar on the side of the page. If you want to see other titles or reviews that are not on the top of the list, you will also have the option of clicking 'more' which will take you to an entire index. *As of now, both the pages for films and reviews are in development. Each of which is expected to be finished by the end of November at the latest.

New Advertising Program

Every time we go forward an issue, the search engines ding us. I do not know whether it is the sudden change in content, or the sudden increase in links, but the search engines seem to slow on trafficking for CanMag.Com on each issue change. It takes about two and a half weeks to recover. So, the issues have to be much longer... like four months. This means I had to figure out something on the advertising options that CanMag.Com currently offers. While the site used to sell ads by the issue, I have decided to change the programming to switch to the more mainstream way, do ads on a CPM basis. The advertisement rates, which haven't been decided yet, will range from $.30 CPM to $.70 CPM depending on AD location. Also, the minimum purchase will have to be either 50,000 or 100,000 impressions. Again, have not decided the exact specifics yet. The advertisers page will be taken down soon in order to prepare for the upcoming program.

The new program will guarantee a certain number of page impressions along with the advertisements ability to carry over issue to issue.
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