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PHP Tutorials Added to CanMag.Com's Best Articles

Published November 1, 2004 in LEARN PHP
By Ryan Parsons | None
If you are interested in this subject, get used to this image.
We have begun posting short, simple, PHP tutorials in the Best Articles section of the site.

CanMag.Com offers PHP Tutorials

Considering that The Can Magazine owes everything to PHP and MySQL, it seemed only fair to spread some of the more simple wisdom back to the community. Each tutorial will allow the user to view what actual php code looks like while also seeing how the server interprets it.

Since we will be showing sample PHP pages to our users, we had to create the tutorials as static pages. Because of this, instead of adding the tutorials into the list of articles that have been [or will be] written, we will just continue to list the tutorials in the Best Articles section. For every few tutorials written, we will post an update among our articles informing our viewers of the changes and additions.

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions on any of the tutorials, feel free to contact us at
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Ryan Parsons
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