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Blade: Trinity Owes Many Thanks to Ryan Reynolds

Published December 9, 2004 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of New Line Cinema
Ryan Reynolds steps into Blade: Trinity only to steal the show
I just viewed Blade: Trinity, and have to say that while this film is easily the funniest of the series thanks to the great Ryan Reynolds, it is also the most confused about what it is trying to accomplish.

New Director Differences in Blade: Trinity

I believe one of the foremost reasons for the new, strange, pace applied to Blade: Trinity is the fact that David Goyer, writer of the screenplay for the Blade series, took the reigns and stepped up to the directors chair for what could possibly be the final Blade movie. Another factor that may have caused some pace confusion is the addition of Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. These characters bring a plethora of star power, and character, to the film. It is hard to even say who the star of Blade: Trinity is. Most would probably argue that Blade: Trinity was Hannibal King's film [played by Ryan Reynolds].

Besides a strange, mixed up, pace for the film, it seems that David Goyer prefers a grainy film stock. The entire look of Blade: Trinity owes its different [when compared to other Blade films] feel almost entirely to this film stock. Added to this, the fight scenes are not nearly as good when compared to Blade II. The camera motion is far from steady, making it hard to appreciate the highly choreographed fight scenes, or even view them properly.

Entertainment = Jessica Biel + Ryan Reynolds

Snipes is still cool, and he enjoys dropping the 'F' bombs much more often
I'm just gonna come out and say it, an easy two-thirds of the entertainment in Blade: Trinity comes directly out of Ryan Reynolds mouth. I am still astonished about how many lines of dialogue they were able to create for his character, Hannibal, while still keeping him just as funny throughout the entire showing. Actually, some of his most classic lines come near the end of the film. Reynolds was able to get a laugh out of me in just about every scene he participated in. Thank God for this too, because this movie would not have even been remotely good without him. Ryan Reynolds stepped in and stole the show; or should I say movie. I want to begin spouting Hannibal lines right now, but I will allow you to hear the lines directly out of Reynolds mouth; as he is the master of dialogue delivery.

Jessica Biel, though not in the amount of Reynolds, also added some nice new elements to the film, including her own fighting style and weaponry. However, even Biel gets eclipsed by Reynolds onscreen presense.

The End of Blade

Is this the end of Blade? Judging by the ending of Blade: Trinity, I have no idea. What seemed to be the 'final solution' for vampires, only turned out killing some; allowing the war to continue for Blade and vampires. So, there was not that much closure to this film, for the trilogy or the film itself. Actually, at the end of the film I found myself thinking that if there were another film, it would have Hannibal King back again. Hell, comic spinoffs are so hot right now why not a Hannabil King movie? I say this as Ryan Reynolds is due for a hit, a hit I hope he gets, a hit bigger than Van Wilder.

For more information on the film, go to the Blade: Trinity Movie Page.

Final Judgment: For some reason I am wishing that Guillermo del Toro stayed on to be director of this film, as I heavily enjoyed Blade II and felt that with the added talent, Blade: Trinity could have been great. While the film is good, it is only so thanks to the addition of Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. A film with Dracula and Blade shouldn't miss, somehow this film did, even if only slightly.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of New Line Cinema

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