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Early Reviews for Blade: Trinity and A Very Long Engagement

Published November 22, 2004 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of New Line Cinema
Ryan Reynolds showing he can do more than comedy
Whew, Moriarty over at Aintitcool has been busy. The man has been lucky enough to have already viewed both A Very Long Engagement and Blade III: Trinity. He has passed his luck on in reviews.

Early Reviews for Blade: Trinity and A Very Long Engagement

That is correct, Aintitcool has recently posted two very early reviews for two films that I have been dying to see. Both film reviews, Blade: Trinity and A Very Long Engagement, seem to be somewhat in the middle; Blade: Trinity is actually more positive. Below are some snippets from the reviews.

Blade: Trinity

The film kicks off with a team of vampires searching the desert. They find an ancient temple where something is buried, something theyíve been searching for. What they dig up is only seen in quick glimpses, something powerful and monstrous that kills several of them. Itís a damn good way to start the film..

I cannot say enough good about Biehl and Reynolds. They are the reasons you must see the film. She is a credible action lead, gorgeous but not at all fragile. She handles herself with real poise and presence, and she carries the dramatic side of things. Reynolds, on the other hand, has the most fun job I can imagine...

...the good outweighs the bad considerably, and like the first two BLADE films, this one is fun. If youíre already a fan, buckle up, because this one should satisfy. And even if youíre not, give it a try, because itís always nice to see not one but two new action stars emerge.

A Very Long Engagement

What bothered me most in the film is the ending. I won't reveal which was the wind blows for Mathilde and Maneche, but Jeunet sets up several story threads that I think he fails to pay off. The result is one of muted emotion, no matter what you expected to see. After all the frantic energy expended, it feels like we've earned more than this as a conclusion. It left me disappointed as I walked out, and I had to set aside that immediate impression to appreciate the film's other charms. Overall, even if I donít think the film delivers as a whole, there are plenty of individual moments that stand head and shoulders above most of what Iíve seen this year. The ultimate fate of the makeshift hospital in the zeppelin hangar, the relationship between Mathildeís uncle and the mailman, the barman with the wooden hand... these are the touches that make Jeunetís A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT a worthwhile investment of time.

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Stay tuned for updates.
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