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Some Revelations Over ABC's Television Hit, LOST

Published November 12, 2004 in TELEVISION
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of ABC, full news originally featured at Dark Horizons
What we have is a hottie with a past, an Iraqi skilled in torture, a wife who attempted to flee her husband, and an asian hit man. Couldn't ask for better people to be cast aways on an island with.
If you do not enjoy the ABC television series LOST, you obviously haven't seen the show or, at least not enough episodes to appreciate it. If you haven't seen the show yet, make sure to watch the back-to-back features from ABC on every Saturday. The greatest strength of the show is what I call a revelation: every person has a story, and you have no idea about the people you fly with. Even though you may have some common ground with people whom you had survived a plane crash, it does not mean you can still trust them or assume you know them. Almost every character has a cool story to how they got their and why they were leaving Australia. Well, besides just a weak sum-up to the premise of the show LOST, there have been other revelations posted on Dark Horizons as well.

Some Secrets to ABC's LOST


This guy has to be my favorite character [played by Terry O'Quinn]. He has the coolest back-story [one which I refuse to tell in order to not ruining it for viewers], a bunch of knives, a mystery about his character, his past, an old nickname as 'Colonel', and an adept ability to survive. Who is this guy? Well, according to the latest report:

...Locke was based off of the real life philosopher John Locke... Locke was a strategist... He apparently is not good or evil, however, he may play a given situation either way to gain an advantage. It was also said that the monster is sort of a reflection of yourself. The pilot saw it in horror and he was killed because he feared the monster. Locke saw the monster with true awe, therefore, he was able to survive his encounter...

The Monster:

What the hell is that thing? It can knock over objects and throw pilots into trees. Is it a giant polar bear or did they crash their plane on Jurassic Park? Why, in the last few episodes, can all the characters now journey into the jungle without any threat of this monster? The only threats now are the local bores. Here is a snippet discussing a spoiler on the monster from Lost:

The monster it's self may not be revealed totally at any point in the series. It may be, as Paul described it, "a Loch Ness Monster kind of thing". Bits and pieces of the beast will be shown throughout the series but a full reveal could prove to be anti-climatic. Still the monster will be explained at some point in future seasons.


Easily the best thing to happen for the gents stranded on the island; talk about eye candy. Played by ex-Ford model Evangeline Lilly [may be the next Lois Lane for Superman], she also throws up a mysterious past riddled with conviction. Clues into the person Kate was, before the crash, are a set of handcuffs, a mug shot, and the fact that she was wanted by the law. Jack had his chance of figuring out the person Kate was, but he blew it [thanks Jack!]. Don't be down though, it seems that we can expect a lot to be revealed:

A future ep will really bring her [Kate] past to the forefront this season.


Jack, played by Matthew Fox, has really turned out to be the hero for the show. Not only is he skilled in medicine, but he has the natural abilities of a leader. If Sawyer would shape up and get over his 'hate myself' tendencies, he could also become the next leader if something were to happen. Sawyer, played by Josh Holloway, is big and at least has some wits to him [one of the only ones willing to go into the plane wreck to recover stowed items]. Sawyer, as I predicted, has a past filled with sorrow making him the purpose he is in the show. However, his back story showed that there is some decency in him yet. Anywho, back to Jack. Here is a snippet I found very interesting:

Jack was originally planned to be killed off in the two hour pilot. The plan was to have someone famous play him and then kill him off before the middle of the second hour. The team talked about getting Michael "Batman" Keaton...

Scott and Steve:

Just in case you didn't catch this, there are a whole bunch of other survivors we have not had the opportunity to meet yet [some we will never meet]. They kind of just stand off in the background as filler. Scott and Steve, on the other hand, have recently got some spotlight attention by Michael, played by Harold Perrineau, mistaking the two of them for one another. According to the report:

...some of the other survivors will have their turn in the spotlight. Scott and Steve were introduced last week and they have some lines in upcoming shows.

Time Period and Length of Show:

This 'mini-series' may last three to five seasons. Each season is suppose to cover about a month stranded on the island. We should start expecting to see the characters grow a little facial hair and lose a little weight [at least the bigger ones].

The Danger from Animals

A new CGI company is now on board to assist with effects needed. In a lot of cases the animals used in the show are CGI due to Hawaii's restrictions on the importing of animals. CGI was used for the wild bores and the polar bear.

Paul also told story about how the extras like to feed the bores when on break. This causes them to feel sleepy later on in the shoot. The scene where Locke uses Charlie as bait was one of the scenes where the bore fell fast asleep once in the hammock like net...

Well, that's it for now. Can't wait to see what happens next Wednesday on LOST when Sayid, played by Naveen Andrews, gets taken capture by what looks to be the French lady with the distress call. To read my first review on the show LOST, CLICK HERE

For the full article head over to DarkHorizons.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of ABC, full news originally featured at Dark Horizons

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