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Eye on the Market and Economy

Published November 12, 2004 in ECONOMY
By Ryan Parsons | Dow Information found at Yahoo! Finance
The DOW is on the up, which is good for everybody.
It would seem that it could be said that the stock market has rebounded off of the recession. Beginning around October 24 [the end of the DOW trough], the market has experienced a rise that has yet to quit.

Stock Market Rebounds from Recovering Recession

In what seems to be a final end to the recession encountered in the US for the past three years, the market and job rate have responded. A nice little bump occurred when the predicted increase of jobs for October, set around 170,000, actually came to a total of 370,00. This looks great, even though a lot of the new jobs were government affiliated instead of the private sector. Hey, it's a start right? Well, its a good thing that there are also other economic indicators that are looking up.

Consumer Spending on a Rise

Most would credit the increase of consumer spending to a great increase in retail sales. Retail sales had a sizeable boost from August to September with a smaller increase into October. A lot of the credit, again, goes to the increase of jobs and the end of an uncertain election. Even with record oil prices, people seem to be certain to get in their shopping; maybe for the holidays?

Lets hope this rise to continue.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Dow Information found at Yahoo! Finance

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