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CanMag.Com Makes Updates to Site Layout

Published September 29, 2004 in INSIDE CANMAG.COM
By Ryan Parsons |
That truly is a beautiful thing.
If you are a frequent visitor to our site, CanMag.Com, you may notice changes occurring as you surf through our pages [we have yet to shut down our site for improvements]. These changes may look funny at first as we test out different solutions to make the site more 'eye friendly' and easier to navigate.

No More Pop-Up

First, we understand that popups are annoying. However, The Can Magazine popup was created to help viewers quickly visit a page that they have previously viewed [not a popup advertisement]. Therefore eliminating the hassle of having to re-index our pages in order to find your favorite. One of the perks to this popup is that it only popped up once during your visit [on arrival] and then would remain hidden until your next visit.

Even with our best attempts to make a popup that aided individuals instead of feeding them popup advertising, we still received complaints on this annoyance. And, because of the complaints, we have completely removed the popup option from our system and replaced all the 'Last Visited Pages' options on the right menu options above 'Sponsors'. Hopefully, this will make navigation even easier than our old, and now gone, popup assistance.

What to do About the Side Scroller

The attached scroller on all our pages is there to help you quickly get to options such as 'Search' and the 'Issue Index.' I thought this movable scroller was a great idea and have received compliments on it. But, I have also received a number of complaints as well. Now, I am currently deciding whether or not to remove the scroller from the site as well, instead placing the included options on the right-side bar along with the 'Sponsors' options.

Now we need to know what you, as our viewers, think of the right-side scroller that follows you along the page. Should we keep it or remove it? Please let us know by using the supplied email address below.
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Ryan Parsons

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