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Terror in the Skies, Again?

Published September 25, 2004 in YOU SHOULD KNOW
By Ryan Parsons | Article can be found at WomensWallStreet.Com. Written by Annie Jacobsen.

Be wary of terror in the skies
WomansWallStreet.Com has published an interesting article by Annie Jacobsen that shows her accounts of what happened on Northwest Airlines flight #327 from Detroit to Los Angeles where she boarded with ~14 'Middle Eastern' men between ages 20 and 50. Her story is extremely frightening as [we cannot confirm the truth behind this account] she explains how 'terrorists' may be taking advantage of search quotas at airports and hopping on planes in large groups. Each 'terrorist' can then bring the small pieces required to create an explosive device large enough to take down a plane. Her account explains a practice run which seemingly failed. Some of the excerpts from her article:

As we sat waiting for the plane to finish boarding, we noticed another large group of Middle Eastern men boarding. The first man wore a dark suit and sunglasses. He sat in first class in seat 1A, the seat second-closest to the cockpit door. The other seven men walked into the coach cabin. As "aware" Americans, my husband and I exchanged glances, and then continued to get comfortable. I noticed some of the other passengers paying attention to the situation as well. As boarding continued, we watched as, one by one, most of the Middle Eastern men made eye contact with each other. They continued to look at each other and nod, as if they were all in agreement about something. I could tell that my husband was beginning to feel "anxious."

...The take-off was uneventful. But once we were in the air and the seatbelt sign was turned off, the unusual activity began. The man in the yellow T-shirt got out of his seat and went to the lavatory at the front of coach -- taking his full McDonald's bag with him. When he came out of the lavatory he still had the McDonald's bag, but it was now almost empty. He walked down the aisle to the back of the plane, still holding the bag. When he passed two of the men sitting mid-cabin, he gave a thumbs-up sign. When he returned to his seat, he no longer had the McDonald's bag...

...After seeing 14 Middle Eastern men board separately (six together, eight individually) and then act as a group, watching their unusual glances, observing their bizarre bathroom activities, watching them congregate in small groups, knowing that the flight attendants and the pilots were seriously concerned, and now knowing that federal air marshals were on board, I was officially terrified. Before I'm labeled a racial profiler or -- worse yet -- a racist, let me add this. A month ago I traveled to India to research a magazine article I was writing. My husband and I flew on a jumbo jet carrying more than 300 Hindu and Muslim men and women on board. We traveled throughout the country and stayed in a Muslim village 10 miles outside Pakistan. I never once felt fearful. I never once felt unsafe. I never once had the feeling that anyone wanted to hurt me. This time was different...

Jacobsen continues with her story and finishes with some startling research that contained the following passages:

Terrorist bid to build bombs in mid-flight: Intelligence reveals dry runs of new threat to blow up airliners

The tactics, which aim to evade aviation security systems by placing only components of explosive devices on passenger jets, allowing militants to assemble them in the air, have been tried out on planes flying between the Middle East, North Africa and Western Europe, security sources say.

...Components of IEDs [improvised explosive devices] can be smuggled on to an aircraft, concealed in either clothing or personal carry-on items... and assembled on board. In many cases of suspicious passenger activity, incidents have taken place in the aircraft's forward lavatory."

After reading this account from Ms. Jacobsen, you should remember to always be aware of the happenings occurring around you; especially in the friendly skies. Even though we cannot confirm any part of this story posted at WomensWallStreet.Com, it at least should raise some eyebrows.

To view the whole article, and all the follow up articles, CLICK HERE.

*Please do not contact CanMag.Com about this article. All comments and questions should be addressed to WomensWallStreet.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Article can be found at WomensWallStreet.Com. Written by Annie Jacobsen.

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