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Updates to be Witnessed in Next Issue

Published November 7, 2004 in INSIDE CANMAG.COM
By Ryan Parsons | None
Always changing.
Here are some updates that will take affect for our next issue due out in about a week. Some of which are changed on the basis of complaints from our users.

CanMag.Com Ratings System Changes

While we used to offer a grade for every review we do [such as an A, B-, C+, etc], we are going to do all future reviews on a 'per can' basis. All old reviews will remain unchanged, but the new reviews will be rated out of five CANS. The best way to understand this setup is to think that every half a CAN is worth one point; with a one to ten scale.

Here is an example of a 9/10 score:

Entertainment Articles Now Listed in Increments of Ten (10)

Even though The Can Magazine does offer up articles in other departments, most of the girth of the magazine comes from entertainment. And because of this, we will always have a ton of articles in the entertainment department t for each issue. Therefore, based on a couple of complaints as well, we are going to feed the entertainment articles at a rate of ten at a time; instead of five at a time. This should help users navigate the articles in this department more efficiently.

More Static Pages in the Best Articles Area

For our PHP tutorials, that will begin to come out with the next issue, we had to resort to static pages that will allow users to actually view PHP files in action.

On another note, we plan to add at least four more features in our Online Fun area as well.
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Ryan Parsons
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