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The Can Magazine Starts Preparing for Next Issue

Published October 21, 2004 in INSIDE CANMAG.COM
By Ryan Parsons | None
Site always seems to be getting a face lift
Time to prepare for CanMag.Com's next issue, Issue #3! We have set the release date for around November 15th. Each new issue release must begin with at least 14 new articles. Then, as just as before, we will add articles to the issue every day for about a month and a half to two months.

Here is the latest news concerning 'Inside The Can Magazine' and what to expect from our next issue.

CanMag.Com Hits a New Mark!

We did it! We accomplished our first goal by receiving over 100,000 hits within our specified statistical period [two weeks]. What is our next goal you ask?

We have a few goals that we are still working to achieve. First, we are currently implementing a marketing strategy that will not only drive even more traffic to CanMag.Com, but increase our PageRank to a PR6. We also are working to get our Alexa ratings into the top 100,000 mark [though we do not expect to get their before the beginning of 2005. So, an easier goal we would like to meet is to have 200,000 hits within the same two week statistic period. Possible? I think we should be doing this mark by the beginning of next month.

CanMag.Com Designs a New Banner

I have recently been working my butt off in an attempt to create more stylish advertisement banners and page headers. The latest page header and 468x60 banner looks pretty dang sweet. However, I have to wait to implement it to make sure I can use icons from other industries such as film.

As soon as I get the OK for use, you will notice the new header directly on top of the page.

Upcoming Features in The Can Magazine: Issue #3

Being that our website uses the internet as its preferred medium of publication through coding such as HTML, JAVA, MySQL, XML, and PHP, it seems only fit that I create a news series that will offer tutorials on how to use PHP [Hypertext Preprocessor] and apply the language to make professional and dynamic web pages. Each article will be a little bit more difficult than the one before as each will introduce new concepts and apply them in more advanced ways.

There will also be a new food review section that will contain restaurant reviews mostly within California where CanMag.Com is based. If you would like us to come to your restaurant, and you are located in the Southern California area, contact us at

Next issue will also be the first to take advantage of the department, Pick the Partisanship. This department will feature debates between individuals on whether or not a specific person is liberal or conservative. Should amount to a couple of laughs at least.

Also, if you were interested in purchasing advertising, now would be a good time to start doing so. CLICK HERE
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