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RSS/XML on The Can Magazine

Published October 14, 2004 in INSIDE CANMAG.COM
By Ryan Parsons | None

God Dang! That is a good looking site. A+
Been doing a little researching of what other news companies are doing to help keep updates on fresh news and it seems rss/xml is the way to go. First off, I would like to thank Troy over at SeaSilver for the tip on looking into this technology [if I ever figure out who slashed my tire, they are done].

Rss for CanMag.Com

We are currently working on a program to output dynamic XML files to allow notification of new articles on CanMag.Com. The Can Magazine strives to supply at least two new pages of information daily be it in the form of news articles, face offs, debates, or entertainment links. Because of our ability to stay up to date [most other 'ezines' update once a month], it seemed only imminent that we adapt an XML feed to our MySQL servers in order to provide users with the resources [such as java applications and dynamic iframes] to keep in touch with us and our latest reports.

Therefore, we will be spending the next few days designing the program(s) required to make the transition for the XML/RSS feed available to users. Keep in touch for upcoming updates.
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