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Been Busy Working on New Site: Find Your Toy

Published October 9, 2004 in NEW SITE
By Ryan Parsons | None
Find Your Toy

List Your Vehicle for Free
I have been extremely busy working with an upcoming automobile listing service that offers free vehicle listings for everyone. The programming involved to allow users to search products within a certain radius of their zip code is gargantuan.

Take a Look

The site I have been working on currently, and is up for use, is called Find Your Toy. The site allows you to list your car, truck, boat, motorcycle*, or quad* that you wish to sell on the internet [however, the menu options for motorcycles and quads are not complete yet]. The listing also gives information for web users to get in touch with you over purchasing your vehicle.

The site features other tools such as a search engine that allows users to find dealers within a certain radius of a specified zip code. There is also a payment calculator to tell users how much they would have to pay depending on whether they choose to purchase or lease a vehicle.

Almost Done

Even though the site is up and running, we are still currently working on future layout options that should take a couple more weeks to set up. So, if you do decide to list your vehicle on this site, do not be surprised if you notice changes occurring around you within a browsing session. Some changes you will notice is the layout on the right side of the page that will include 'added option' and advertisers. Our advertising program is almost complete as well. Instead of allowing users to purchase permanent advertising space on a certain issue, such as CanMag.Com, we will charge for bulk impressions.

That being said, go check out the site at and test it out. In the future, the program will automatically delete items that have been listed for more than two weeks. However, since it is new and in the 'testing phase', that option has been shut off to allow users to decide when to remove their listed items.
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