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Bush Appears on Fox's O'Reilly Factor

Published September 27, 2004 in ELECTION
By Ryan Parsons | Discussion and photos based on the interview found at Fox News

Bush keeps his calm during interview with O'Reilly
As a kind of warm-up to the upcoming debates between our two major presidential nominees, President Bush took the time to visit The O'Reilly Factor for a face to face interview on how the President views his presidencies accomplishments, and mistakes, that it has made in the last four years.

Before we go into any gritty details, it was agreed by O'Reilly and Colmes that the president seemed very relaxed and very confident on his positions to say the least. Where the analysis’s disagreed was whether his positions were correct or not.

*A further note: It was stated before the interview that the president in no way had to agree to come on the show to answer some of the more difficult questions [people that would not come on include Gore and Donald Rumsfeld among others]. They also point out that Bush did not receive the questions ahead of time to allow him to prepare, nor did they edit the interview in anyway to put the president's answers in a better light.

Mission Accomplished?

One of the questions asked to Mr. Bush was whether or not he would repeat his visit to the troops on board the aircraft carrier [as in go back in time]. Bush said he would do it again without a doubt to show the American troops how much he and our country appreciate the service that they are currently offering. Bush also pointed out that these troops have experienced not one, but two tours of duty under his command. He also states that his visits raise moral as the troops get confirmation of their president's continuous support. Something he claims they greatly appreciate.

Bush also tried to add input on his thoughts about the sign placed on the carrier stating 'Mission Accomplished.' He said the sign, which though not directly his doing, was there to at least state that there were accomplishments worthy of raising moral.

Mexican Borders are Still 'Open'

As one of the last questions on this first part of the interview between O'Reilly and Bush, O'Reilly states the problems with controlling the border between the states and Mexico. On asking Bush how he tends to resolve this issue, Bush states that the officials at the border patrol are going to be given more resources and technologies at their disposal to prevent border crossings. O'Reilly was not entirely pleased with this solution stating that ten percent of the people who cross the Mexican border are criminals or become criminals. However, Bush sticks to his guns by stating that he does not plan any military enforcement and would rather stick with the already-existent-officials who monitor, and protect, our borders.

Analysis From the Other Party

One of the coolest additions to the interview was the Democratic analysis afterwards. Colmes was on hand to say what he thought of the interview and how well, or correctly, President Bush answered the questions. Colmes largest disappointment seemed to come from Bush stating that instead of having WMD's [at least, no weapons that were large enough to be considered WMDs], Iraq had the capability of creating WMDs. Colmes, and the other Democratic analysis, stated that Bush should say he was wrong on his judgments towards whether Iraq had WMDs or not. O'Reilly follows their complaint by stating that if anyone was wrong, it was his information from his intelligence [which included multiple agencies].

The Bush interview will continue this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Now, O'Reilly has requested and is hoping to have Senator Kerry on to answer some questions as well. Whether Kerry comes on or not should be pretty interesting. If not, just wait for the presidential debates soon to come.

The entire transcript of this debate can be found HERE
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Discussion and photos based on the interview found at Fox News

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