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Did Celebrities Help or Hurt John Kerry?

Published November 5, 2004 in ELECTION
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Reuters
P. Diddy doing a Vote or Die, where he also showed Kerry favoritism.
Not that I want to steal fire from my Incredibles movie review, but LOS ANGELES Reuters has a pretty interesting article about the pros and cons of the LEFT using celebrities to support their cause and their candidates.

Did the Celebrity Endorsement Hurt Kerry's Campaign?

According to the Reuters article, YES. Some of the celebrities, including P. Diddy have gone on to apologize for what they had said and claim they had learned an important lesson from this election experience. The major theme that comes across the article for celebrities is that instead of attacking a candidate, the celebrities job is to light the fire to make sure people vote; not invoke hate or criticism. Because of Kerry's position of aligning himself with the extreme left such as Goldberg, Moore, Streisand and supporting their rash comments, some believed this actually pushed people away from Kerry.

There is also a comparison to Clinton in the article and his use of celebrities. They claim that people knew who Clinton was and his goals for our government. His use of celebrities in his campaign was more that he was star-struck and knew celebrities as a tool for people turn-out. People really didn't know Kerry, on the other hand, and saw his use of celebrities as a way to show his position and where he stood; far from center.

Read the entire article by CLICKING HERE
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Reuters

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