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Terrorist Tape Currently Withheld by ABC

Published October 28, 2004 in TERRORISM
By Ryan Parsons | Images from Drudge Report
Busy news in film, now some disturbing news in media. There is a new 'terrorist' tape that has been recovered that was supposedly filmed during late summer, 2004. The film is disturbing to say the least as it threatens another terrorist attack on America. What is more disturbing is that ABC is trying to withhold the tape and not release it. To put pressure on ABC, news leaks were reported to organizations such as the Drudge Report.

ABC Figuring to Decide on Releasing the Tape

First, lets talk about some of the details on the tape:

The CIA and FBI have supposedly confirmed the legitamacy of the tape

The suspect in the tape is educated and most likely American raised. He still sports an accent with some poor english dialect.

The half-masked man states passages such as The streets will run with blood and America will mourn in silence.

He states that America has brought this tragedy on itself for electing Bush and Cheney who went into Afghanistan and destroyed the Taliban. By destroying the Taliban, this is an act against all Islam [according to the man].
*This shocked me. Even though we have yet to see the tape, the man supposedly speaks of Afghanistan, not Iraq.

The tape appears to be from al-Qaeda's media liaison organization. It has a banner crediting the Sahab Production Committee. The speaker refers to Bin Ladin and Zawahiri as "our leaders" and praises the September 11th attacks.

The number one danger that the film shows, if the man is American, is that the US has been infiltrated and some terrorists can do movements through out the country without notice.

Aliases: Abu Suhayb Al-Amriki, Abu Suhayb, Yihya Majadin Adams, Adam Pearlman, Yayah
Intelligence thinks this man may be Adam Gadhan - aka Adam Pearlman, who is on a suspected terrorist list. It is also suspected that this man may be a huge source of terrorist information.

ABC Currently Withholding the Terrorist Tape

ABC is currently withholding the tape as they fear releasing the footage will be seen as a political move. What do you think? There is a tape out there that is very real, why withhold it to the public. That is only a few steps away from lying. The ABC television source said, "This is not something you just throw out there while people are voting." Uh, I do not know what that means. So now they are saying that they are trying to find a correct journalistic 'balance' for releasing the film.

How they going to do this? Digitally insert kids laughing and playing on rainbows behind the man who is stating threatening allegations?

*CNN, who did a quick one line refresh-report on the tape WRONGLY quoted the man by saying he said attacks would come if Bush were re-elected. Nice reporting guys, better watch the tape again.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images from Drudge Report

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