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Do Not Fear a Draft from Either Party

Published October 16, 2004 in PRESIDENTIAL RACE
By Ryan Parsons | Uncle Sam Image from LAZER 103

Lets go kick some butt
As we have gotten closer to the upcoming election, both parties have increased their mud slinging at one anothers candidates. And, considering this race is going to be close, this mud slinging is going to be mean. Candidates have resorted to new tactics to win your vote. One of the tactics I am about to discuss is the Moore/Democratic campaign to universities and schools saying that if Bush is elected, he will re-instate the draft. This campaign program also finds strength that a Draft Bill has gone through the senate, so the threat of a draft is very real. However, knowing the facts on the Draft is a way to help you find the truth among this campaign.

Draft Not a One Party Issue

First, Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, along with the whole Republican Party, do not want to re-enstate a draft. Even before the idea of a Draft was written up, Rumsfeld had already stated that there wouldn't be one. So, do not believe everything you hear young people! Go online, look into the facts. I recently went to Yahoo! and searched 'draft bill.' After submitting the search, Yahoo! suggested the popular search phrase of 'bush draft bill.' No part of the current Draft Bill has the name Bush on or linked to it.

However, the threat of a draft still slightly exists and I will tell you why. Senate Bill S89 and HR 163 were, in fact, created with the effect of re-instating the Draft. The thing that most should find interested is that both these bills were written and sponsored by the Democratic Party. When these bills had hit the floor, not one single Republican [who currently control both Houses] voted for it. But the Draft Bill did receive two votes from Democrats. The strangest part is that the Democrat that created the bill also voted against it. Why vote against something you wrote up? To throw a wrench in the Republican political machine. Then the bill can later be pulled up [without the facts] to help drive fear.

By rumoring that a Draft is imminent under Bush, and saying that it is so real that there are bills going through congress, it is easy to cause fear in both young and old voters. But it is the young voters at campuses that are being fed this rhetoric in order to scare a vote out of them. Please, look into the facts being presented to you out there. There was a bill or two, both created during the earlier period of the war, brought out when the election was closing in to cause fear. The mass public had no idea of these bills [released Jan. 7, 2003] until a few months out of election. Do you wonder why?

Draft in United States History

George W. Bush, much like his father in Kuwaitt, setup a war plan that had NO provisions for the allowance of a Draft. Instead, the war plan put reliance on the National Guard and the Army Reserve. In 1965, after deciding to escalate the war in Vietnam, Lyndon B. Johnson refused to call up the National Guard or Army Reserve and chose instead to rely solely on the draft. Remember, President Lyndon Johnson was a Democrat, not a Republican. The Draft ran up until Nixon, a Republican, stopped the draft in favor of what was called an 'all-volunteer force.'

So, to sum up what I just mentioned, the Republican Party is known for being aggressive on foreign affairs, but this does not mean that there is any legacy with this Party and the Draft. It is an assumption that is poorly drawn for those that do not know any better.

Don't Worry of a Draft Yet

No matter who you are voting for, do not have the concept of a Draft weigh on your decision. Both sides agree that the best way to get out of Iraq is through training Iraqis to fight for themselves. Bush is currently conducting this policy and Kerry plans to continue it [even though he claims he can train more Iraqi troops faster]. Both sides have also stated that the war in Iraq is one of special forces, not quickly trained grunts that only have strength in numbers. If there were a Draft, this would be exactly what we are sending out.

In the end, get out and vote. If you have any doubts on claims candidates make, look into them. To help remove bias, find multiple sources on the net to help you find the truth.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Uncle Sam Image from LAZER 103

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