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Exaggerations Become Common in Presedential Debate

Published October 14, 2004 in PRESIDENTIAL RACE
By Ryan Parsons | As reported from AP with Image.

Shaking hands after ripping on each others policies.
Now that we have finished our third, and final, Presidential Debate where each politician offered his final opinion on how things should be run, it is time to see what the major exaggerations and, at times, lies were heard from each candidate.

Time to do a Fact Check

The good people over at Associated Press [AP] have, as they have for every debate, posted a list of grievances based on exaggerations or false statements from both Kerry and Bush. An example of some 'mistakes' include:

Kerry states that he has a plan to cover all Americans with a health insurance, even though he does not have a plan to cover those who are currently uninsured.

Kerry states that Bush has cut Pell grants for students. He later altered this accusation after it was proven that one million more students are getting aid then when Bush first took office.

Kerry states Bush has not met with the Black Congressional Caucus. Bush first met with the Black Congressional Caucus within two weeks of becoming acting President.

Bush said the bill that created the Homeland Security Department was one of his steps to make the country safer. However, Bush had to be converted to this cause as he was first against it.

For more details on exaggerations from both candidates head over to the AP at Yahoo! news.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: As reported from AP with Image.

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