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Don't Blame Kerry, He is Just Being a Politician

Published October 8, 2004 in PRESIDENTIAL RACE
By Ryan Parsons | None

John Kerry: Presidential Nominee
OK, it has been stated repeatedly that Kerry flip-flops [or, more specifically, flipped] on his stance towards issues such as that on the war in Iraq. If you do not believe this, there is a video out that shows multiple speeches from Kerry and his stance on the Iraqi war that is pretty humorous. But do not be shocked; we are voting on politicians here people!

Being a Politician

Remember, the one thing politicians deeply want, even more than funds, is your vote. To receive this vote, a person may have to bend to his/her party's will and stand by a platform that has already been set as the popular choice amongst the party. Kerry has actually stood pretty straight on one of his beliefs toward the war, he did not think it was enacted properly. According to Kerry, we went in too fast without the proper preparations. I do not know if these 'preparations' would have been supported if Kerry voted 'Yea' on the bill for added funding for our troops [he voted 'no']. Even though he did not come out with this complaint in the beginning, it is probably one of his earliest complaints that he has stuck to.

But, looking back, I do not remember Kerry being the big dog for presidential nomination within his party. I remember hearing more about Howard Dean and seeing him on the front of political and trendy magazines alike. He was also viewed pretty favorably as being a middle man and a guy that is a conservative democrat. The only thing that seemed to stem his tide was his excitement in a speech addressing his supporters [something I believe was blown way out of proportion]. What is wrong with a candidate with energy? In the end, Kerry needed votes and the only way to get these votes was/is to represent policy that was popular among his party.

Kerry, being a politician, skewed his views in order to grasp a higher, and winning, percentage of able voters. Was he wrong to do so? No! He became the presidential nominee of his party because of his 'adjusted' views. However, is this going to have consequences? Of course! When you are Commander and Chief of the United States [a nation known as a 'police nation'], you have followers/supporters that require faith in a leader. Kerry discusses how we need more friends, but it is hard to gain support when these 'friends' are unsure about whether the country they are supporting [US] are sticking through to their policies. There is also no doubt that the party you are running against is going to find and exploit the flip on policy. Especially when it is pretty apparent.

Now, this does not necessarily mean that Kerry will continue to flip-flop if he were to become president. But, his history towards voting on measures has not been favorable to his current position.

Hard to Say

To end, who is to really say how our current President, and future President, will stand? Most of the information voters receive are either from the two competing parties [Republicans or Democrats], or from the news. The parties are obviously going to show tilted views towards each ones nominee, and news stations are not going to be completely reliable either. Dan Rather, and group, was so happy to have documents against Bush, they made the documents news before even researching the validity of them. Come on! Political views are apparent everywhere, including in the news that we supposedly trust. Remember, news stations also depend on ratings, and ratings aren't achieved by having the most positive reports all the time.

Anyway, this race is going to be close. So get out and vote for the candidate you want to represent you.

To view the video of Kerry Flop's, CLICK HERE
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Ryan Parsons
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