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We Finally Play Star Wars: Battlefront!

Published September 29, 2004 in PC GAMES
By Ryan Parsons | Pictures from LucasArts Entertainment

The computer controlled sand people can really be a good pain in the ass
First off, Star Wars: Battlefront is one of those games that finally satisfy the avid Star Wars fans lust to re-live the action from the movies [from both the original and new episodes]. The game excels at offering maps that are large enough to cover an entire battlefield while also allowing over 32 people to play online against one another. However, even though this game will satisfy most Star Wars fans, and gamers in general, it does come packed with some flaws as well.

*This review is for the PC version of Star Wars: Battlefront. And, considering one of our number one complaints is that the game plays like a console game, you may find the console version [such as X-Box or PS2] more enjoyable. Even though these versions do not allow as high amount of players per map online, like the PC version does.

Bring Home Your Very Own Walker, the AT-AT Model

Not only do you get to run around and fight on your favorite battlefields, but you can also jump into any vehicle you encounter along the way. And, unlike games like Halo which offer about five man able vehicles, Battlefront offers around thirty. The vehicles include: AT-AT, AT-ST, Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber, X-Wing, Y-Wing, Cloud Cars, T-47 Snowspeeder, Droid Starfighter, and more. You are also able to a multitude of gun turrets for your blasting pleasure. This is an awesome feature especially if you are in one of these tanks or warships. However, if you are on foot and must battle something such as an AT-AT [walker], you probably will not share the same appreciation for these vehicles.

For one, a lot of the vehicles featured are almost impossible to bring down without an explicable loss of life. I got on a power turret and had to have been shooting high power lasers at the walker a couple minutes while barely denting it. And, if you are on foot as any soldier but the vanguard [rocket soldier], your weapons are equivalent to a bee-bee shot at the moon. Even the rocket soldier will use up all the ammunition supplied before taking it down. And, considering one close laser blast from an AT-AT or other vehicles will kill you, one vehicle can change the outcome of the entire battle. Especially when your AI units serve themselves up as easy prey for vehicles.

Ahh! I Think the AI Cheats

First, the AI is ok in Star Wars: Battlefront. They know how to jump in vehicles and pilot them efficiently. Your AI units will also jump in gunner positions if you let them. But, during single player mode, your sides AI seems like a bunch of rejects when compared to your adversary. To beat the Hoth stage I had to have 90 kills. The stage only requires 250 kills [not considering loss of re-enforcements], what the heck are my AI teammates doing? Especially since there are about 24 units on my side, with none of them really sacking up and kicking in. Just a small frustration that makes some levels pretty hard to beat.


I can't bring this mother down!!! The vehicles in Battlefront will drive you crazy at times.
There is also times where I think the computer AI just turns it on, as in finds the 'zone.' In every close match I have where my side is up a few points, when it comes time to close the match out, the computer AI gets amped and doesn't seem to miss a shot from then on [mind you, I played single player on hard mode]. The computer AI definitely understands the principle of spawn camping as well as they rack up quick points by immediately killing all who re-spawn before them.

Even with these complaints, I have to admit that I am still playing the game and having a good time while doing so. And, just to mention, the game does have some great graphics.

Battling Others Online With Battlefront

Of course, the number one reason people will be getting this game is for the ability to play against friends and foes online. The game play is actually pretty smooth for how many players are supported and each individual can be critical to the team's success.

For the most part, the multiplayer game play is great and one should have little difficulty finding a server to play in. The only problem exists before you enter your server; Battlefront's server listing sucks. There aren't any filters that allow you to choose exactly which server you are looking for. This means that you will have to look through each server to find the map you want to play and see how the server has its AI settings and Hero settings. Also, if you are not quick enough to click the LAUNCH option, the server can move down or up depending on how quickly your list refreshes. This is an unneeded hassle as a result of the game still having a lot of console design when it was applied to PC.

Battlefront Still Worthy

Even though I did have a couple of complaints that have gotten on my nerves on more than a few occasions, the game still rocks in its ability to grasp the feel of the Star Wars films or, more specifically, the Star Wars battles that many have come to love. Being able to battle on fully interactive Star Wars maps, even with the few hiccups, makes this game more than worth the purchase. See you online.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Pictures from LucasArts Entertainment

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