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Team America Releases A New Clip from the Film

Published September 24, 2004 in UPCOMING
By Ryan Parsons | ComingSoon.Net , Picture from Team America Site [Paramount]
Team America
Team America offers political satire, music, and straight comedic silliness
If there are any of you who do not understand our growing anticipation for the film, Team America: World Police, you soon will. We are ecstatic for this rated R puppet action/musical that should be just as politically humorous as it is silly. Well, keeping up to date on the film, ComingSoon.Net has recently posted a link to a sample clip from the film.

A Small Warning: The Clip is Rated R

Being a rated R film, and this being a clip right out of the Team America: World Police, expect it to be rated R as well. For Stone/Parker this means that there will be gratuitous use of the 'F' word among others. The clip features Kim Jong II complaining about Team America and how not ruling the world makes him lonely. The clip then picks up with the arrival of UN Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix who wants access to all locations in Kim's palace. He then warns that punishment will be an angry letter. Classic!

Now, go see the clip and start getting excited about the release of Team America: World Police, which hits theatres this October 15.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: ComingSoon.Net , Picture from Team America Site [Paramount]

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