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Christian Bale Loses Sixty Pounds for the Upcoming Film The Machinist

Published September 4, 2004 in UPCOMING
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Filmax International
For a film to convince a fit actor such as Christian Bale to lose approximately sixty pounds [about one-third his weight] for a cannes style film, there must be some magic or mayhem to it. In the case of The Machinist, it seems that a very Memento-esque script has just that.

The film is about a man, Trevor Reznik [played by Bale], who suffers from a severe case of insomnia. His condition is so bad that he suffers from major weight loss as well [hence Bale's weight loss for the film]. Because of this, Trevor finds it hard to tell whether he is in a nightmare or living in real life. He worries about injuring others around him and starts the film with a case of extreme paranoia.

Problems become worse when an injury finally occurs at Trevor's work costing a co-worker his arm. From this point on clues begin to surface on whether the accident was or wasn't real and if his other co-workers are attempting to have him fired or worst.

Machinist Sounds Memento

I loved Guy Pearce for his acting in Memento and his ability to try to comprehend the world around him. Christian Bale, an actor I believe to be one of the best, has the ability to turn even a b-rated script into gold [such as the film Equilibrium]. And, from what I have seen, I believe that Bale will do for Machinist what Pearce did for Memento. Therefore, I am excited to say that the film will finally be granted wide release in the theatres on October 22.

To get a glimpse of the trailer click here.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Filmax International

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