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Published October 26, 2004 in MOVIE NEWS
By Ryan Parsons | Pictures property of Sony Pictures, Pixar, and Tartan Films
Old Boy will feature some pretty narly ass acts of revenge. Notice the guy slamming onto the car behind.
We have a boatload of movie news, new trailers, sound bits, and pictures for you on upcoming films. Follow the list below and plan to waste at least a hour on the net.

Joss Whedon Not Doing X-Men 3

If you remember our earlier report, read here, we stated that Joss Whedon was very much signed on to the next X-Men film. Now, it seems that he has squashed the rumor so we can't really say for sure. Lets just say that he will maybe direct the film which will feature some new sweet-ass characters such as Nightcrawler and Colossus. Well, they both aren't new but seem to be the coolest additions so far. Singer said lately that if here were to direct X-Men 3, he would make sure to insert Gambit into the film. Can you say 'how sick is that'?

Phantom of the Opera [the movie] Releases First Sound Bit

If you are curious of how the music will sound since it is recorded in a studio, instead of played live in an auditorium, then you may want to check out this sound-byte from the Warner Bros. website. To listen, CLICK HERE

New Blade: Trinity Trailer that Features Triple H

The latest trailer from the film is almost exactly the same as the first full trailer released this year. The only cool part is that it offers about twelve more quick scenes that feature Triple H fighting Blade [Snipes] and Hannibal [Ryan Reynolds]. Just as I thought after seeing the first trailer: this film looks sweet and judging by the improvement on Blade 2, I will definitely be seeing Blade: Trinity opening day if not sooner.

To view the new Blade: Trinity trailer, CLICK HERE [windows media file]

Judging by early reviews, The Incredibles WILL be the best CGI animation yet.

Brad Bird Discusses Creating The Incredible's

SuperHeroHype.Com just put up a great interview with Brad Bird, who directed and wrote the Pixar animation The Incredible's. Some of the more memorable questions involve Bird's thoughts on whether hand drawn animation is dead and gone or still here to stay. One of my favorite questions on the film itself was the maturity level that should be required to view The Incredible's as it is an action film with 'things' blowing up.

To read the entire interview, CLICK HERE

Tom Cruise Briefly Mentions a Scene from War of the Worlds

What some have claimed to be big news, Cruise does not reveal much to anything about the scene. All he says is:

As I was looking at a photograph I found of my son in the scene, Steven told me to think of the good times I had with my own son, and to get into the mood that way. Things like that really help

Cruise also said he was doing an emotional scene with Justin Chatwit, who plays an estranged father.

In Good Company Trailer

This is one of those movies that I didn't even know I wanted to see until I saw the trailer. Has a fair share of comedy, drama, family, and love all tied into relations at the work place. Looks to be a real cool film that stars Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace [kid from That 70's Show].

To view the trailer, CLICK HERE
In Good Company comes out on December 29, 2004

Old Boy Trailer

Go see why this film won Cannes for 2004 and is exhaled as 'a mind blowing revenge drama' and 'cinema at its best.' Old Boy is about a guy who has been kidnapped and locked away without reason for fifteen years. After these 15 years he is suddenly released without any explanation. He receives money and a cell phone, from where a voice tells him that he must seek revenge. He begins to seek revenge on his captors in violent and unimaginable ways. What starts as a simple film grows into a complex puzzle that is only completed at the end of the film.

Will be released some time during 2005
To view the trailer, CLICK HERE

Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac team up for Guess Who

Guess Who Trailer

This is one of those films that finds humor in black and white people coming together. The film stars Ashton Kutcher who is meeting the parents of his girl friend who is black. The father of the girl friend is played by Bernie Mac, whose character has problems with white people [a matter of fact, the whole family has problems with white people]. The film does actually have some pretty good comedic elements that are displayed in the following trailer.

To view the trailer, CLICK HERE [windows media player]

I guess that is it for now. Come back for more later!
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Pictures property of Sony Pictures, Pixar, and Tartan Films

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