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Fantastic Four Script Review

Published October 20, 2004 in MOVIE NEWS
By Ryan Parsons | To read the entire review, head over to Latino Review, Image property of 20th Century Fox
Could be interesting
For those of you who have been keeping track on developments of Fantastic Four, Latino Review has a script review posted that looks favorably on the film.

Fantastic Four Script Review

Mark Frost was able to review the script written by writers such as Michael France, Mark Frost, Sam Hamm, Simon Kinberg. The writers that wrote the original Fantastic Four comics are Stan Lee [the film industry has been good to him] and Jack Kirby. The Fantastic Four film is to be directed by Tim Story who is know for other films such as Taxi starring Jimmy Fallon.

Seeing that Taxi is not a very good film, lets get an idea of what is behind the creation of Fantastic Four before taking a look at the script. The cast of screenplay writers behind Fantastic have a portfolio that includes: The Punisher, Hulk, GoldenEye, Storyville, Twin Peaks, and Monkeybone. This type of list makes me say 'Eeeeshh' [in a bad way]! However, having the man who wrote the original Batman, Sam Hamm, on board helps my confidence a great deal in the next generation comic book film.

Is the script any good? Latino Review rates it four stars and says that the film offers up a simple three act outline. Act 1 consists of the creation of the Fantastic Four. During this act the viewer will se the superheros go from ordinary to extraordinary. Act 2 deals with how each character adjusts to his or her new powers and attempts to find uses for them. The final act, Act 3, is the showdown between the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom. All the while the story will play with relationships, such as a love triangle [ALA Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean from X-Men] between Susan [Alba], Reed [Ioan Gruffudd], and Van Damn/Doom [Julian McMahon]. You will also encounter other emotional issues such as that of Ben Grimm who is transformed into a giant human rock called The Thing. The mutation causes Ben to feel isolated and alone, considering himself a freak.

The script review definately adds a little excitement for the upcoming Fantastic Four film, but I would not go too far to say I'm overly excited; lets wait for the trailer first.

Fantastic Four is set for wide release on July 5, 2005.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: To read the entire review, head over to Latino Review, Image property of 20th Century Fox

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