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Walt Disney Studios Release Extended Clip for National Treasure

Published October 19, 2004 in MOVIE NEWS
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Walt Disney Pictures, Extended Clip at MovieFone
Good to see Aquafina getting a plug in this scene. 'Aquafina! The water of choice for treasure hunters."
I had just watched that ten minute sneak preview of National Treasure starring Nicolas Cage; directed by Jerry Bruckheimer. I got to say, I am a lot more excited for the film than I was about... ten minutes ago. I also enjoy that the film goes into information on the Knights Templar and the Masons; discussing clues that were left behind in ordinary objects such as the dollar bill. For those of you that have read The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons, both written by Dan Brown, you might find some entertaining similarities here.

When Does National Treasure Come Out Again?

Before I saw the sneak preview I really did not know when this latest Bruckheimer film was to be released. Now I can say that National Treasure will be coming out to theatres this November 19th.

Film synopsis:
Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage starts as the brilliant Benjamin Franklin Gates, thir gerneration treasure hunter. All his life, Gates has been searching for a treasure no one believed existed; amassed through the ages, moved across continents, to become the greates treasure the world has ever known. Hidden by our Founding Fathers, they left clues to the Treasure's location right before our eyes- from our nation's birthplace, to the nation's capitol, to clues buried within the symbols on the dollar bill.

Gates' life-long journey leads him to the last place anyone thought to look; a map hidden on the back of the Declaration of Independence. But what he thought was the final clue is only the beginning.

Gates realizes in order to protect the world's greatest treasure, he must now do the unthinkable; steal the most revered, best guarded document in American history before it falls into th wrong hands.

In a race against time, Gates must elude the FBI, stay one step ahead of his ruthless adversary (Sean Bean), decipher the remaining lcues and unlock the 2000 year-old mystery behind our greatest national treasure.

Check out the 10-Minute Clip

Before I give you the address to watch the extended clip from National Treasure, I would like to point out that Sean Bean [Boromir from LOTR] is co-starring in this film. I have always believed Bean to be an under-rated actor and hope to see him in more films in the future.

To watch the extended clip, CLICK HERE
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Walt Disney Pictures, Extended Clip at MovieFone

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