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Half-Life 2 Will Make the Holidays After All

Published October 18, 2004 in PC GAMES
By Ryan Parsons | Image from GameSpot
Did you see that? There is something in the water... SHHH!
After a good period of my complaining, it seems that the boys at Vivendi Universal have listened up and finally removed the TBA [to be announced] label off of Half-Life 2. After receiving the game for approval, VU Games have confirmed that the game has gone gold and finally announced that the game will be released on........ November 16! So we have a month to go and the game will definately be arriving before the holidays.

New on Half-Life 2

Besides the creation of a release date for Half-Life 2, nothing too exciting has changed since our last article on the game. The boxed version is going to come in a multitude of formats that will contain items such as the old Half-Life and Half-Life t-shirts. You can head over to Amazon right now to pre-order Half-Life 2. PRE-ORDER HALF-LIFE 2
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from GameSpot

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