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Half-Life 2 Gone Gold!.. Maybe

Published October 15, 2004 in COMPUTER GAMES
By Ryan Parsons | Image from Half-Life 2 Website

It's almost here, I can feel it
The good people over at GameSpot have been doing a little rumor control on the latest buzz in the PC gaming industry. It seems that there may be some hope for Half-Life 2 as it has supposedly gone gold! Gold, as in meaning it is ready for some shipping! Gold, as in the game may catch the holiday shoppers. Gold, as in the two bickering parties, VU Games and Valve, may have come to some agreement to allow the game to be released at the beginning of the six-month grace period laid down by the courts. Gold... well, you get the idea.

Only a Rumor

While Valve and VU Games have declined to comment on the rumor of Half-Life 2 going gold, it is known that VU Games has been holding a 'finished' version of the game since mid-September. What gives any validity to the rumor of going gold? A Piñate! It seems that Valve had a piñate hung at their headquarters, which can only be destroyed once Half-Life 2 went gold. In the buzz, it seems that the piñate is in fact [now] beaten to a pulp.

To help add more validity to the rumor, it seems that just today they allowed the first ever full review of Half-Life 2. Better start napping now as you may be losing tons of hours of sleep playing a game that may be coming out within the month.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from Half-Life 2 Website

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