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Halo 2 Goes Gold!

Published October 12, 2004 in VIDEO GAMES
By Ryan Parsons | Picture property of X-Box.Com

November 9th never seemed so far away.
Unlike other games [*cough Half-Life 2], Halo 2 seems to be sticking with its planned release date set a long time ago. Bungie, the creators of one of the greatest console games of all time [Halo], have stated: We finished every line of code, every pixel of art, every frame of animation, every phoneme of dialogue, and every note of music. We finished it when we said we would (when it was done) and shipped that baby right on time to make its November launch date.

Going Gold

For those of you who are confused on exactly what going gold means, it just states that the game is completely done or ready for packaging and shipping. So, by Bungie making the announcement that the game has gone gold, they are just claiming that Halo 2 will come out on its expected November 9th release. Which is sweet relief for the holiday game shoppers.

About Halo 2

First off, Halo 2 will be released for X-Box and PC only. Halo 2 is a game featured for the X-Box console [the Halo series is X-Box's champion] and, therefore, will never be released for consoles such as PS2.

Some of the updates you will witness in Halo 2: dual wielded weapons, weapon modifiers, a new online match-making feature that pairs up people with comparable skills, vehicle high-jacking, vehicles now show wreckage damage.

To view the video of the latest Halo 2 trailer [TV spot], CLICK HERE
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Picture property of X-Box.Com

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