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For a Quick Sit, See Walking Tall

Published October 7, 2004 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | None
Walking Tall

The Rock is Walking Tall
One of the greatest aspects of Walking Tall is that it is a movie to watch when you are not in the mood to watch an entire movie. The entire film runs in under a hour and a half. The film is your common enjoyable action film without any girth or depth. However, this film shows that The Rock [Dwayne Douglas Johnson] is one of our upcoming action stars that has an aura of coolness that seems to make every movie he stars in cool too.

Quick Showing

As I stated, this film is short. You could almost decide between watching the movie Walking Tall instead of a show like LOST or The Batchelor. At least in Walking Tall their are no commercials. Could the movie have been longer, of course. There are aspects of the film that are so hurried I guess that the director, Kevin Bray, did not think viewers would find any amusement to them. One major aspect that is just skipped over is the process Vaughn had to go through to become a sheriff. Instead, the movie has a scene in court where Vaughn [The Rock] states that if he is found not-guilty of charges, he will run for sheriff. After this scene the viewer encounters Vaughn decaling his truck with sheriff markings.

There are also could exist scenes that would allow the viewer to get into Vaughn's head a little better. The director could have done so while Vaughn drives out to the casino to cause havoc, or out to the plant. Instead, we witness Vaughn leaving in his truck and then arriving at his destination.

Action with Little Girth

Walking Tall does display some enjoyable action including the pummeling of bad guys with a piece of cedar. However, these bad guys are just what they are, bad guys. We, the viewers, are not offered a chance to understand the bad guys including the top bad guy, Jay Hamilton [Neal McDonough]. The movie introduces this character as one who must cheat and hurt people to succeed with no sense of remorse, and that is it. The movie never explains who he was back before Vaughn left to the army and what possessed him to close the plant and be whom he turned out to be. I couldn't even tell if Hamilton and Vaughn were friends are not in the preceding years before Vaughn had to leave town.

While these small details bothered me, I expect most viewers to be able to completely enjoy this film, even with its minor pitfalls. I personally enjoyed watching [more thanks to The Rock and Neal McDonough than the film itself] and would suggest it to friends as lite, quick, enjoyment.
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Ryan Parsons
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