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Can't Wait for Team America? Now You Don't Have To!

Published October 6, 2004 in UPCOMING
By Ryan Parsons | Pictures from Team America
Team America Out Early

You may be seeing me early.
For those of you who cannot wait to see the upcoming Team America film from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, you are in luck! It turns out that Paramount will be releasing the film a week early on October 9th in 800 theatres.

Go Buy Tickets

Considering that the film will be pre-screened in 800 theatres, you should have no problem finding a theatre showing Team America near you. Fandango, which supposedly lists all the theatres that will be playing Team America early, seems a little ahead of itself. To find out if your theatre is actually playing Team America on the ninth, go to Fandango, and search your zipcode with the date set to October 9th.

Still Can't Wait? Check out the Clip from Leno

Trey Parker and Matt Stone were promoting Team America on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The clips is pretty funny as they explain the problems with puppies and the MPAA. To view the clip, CLICK HERE.

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Ryan Parsons
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