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Please Release Half-Life 2!

Published October 4, 2004 in PC GAMES
By Ryan Parsons | Pictures from GameSpot
Half-Life 2

The game is just waiting to be played.
We have continuously waited for the release of Valve/Sierra upcoming PC game Half-Life 2. What was originally pushed back to a July release has now gone to TBA [to be announced] [see Half Life article]. Furthermore, it seems that we are not the only ones waiting, now impatiently, for the HL2 release as pre-orders are still piling up through companies such as Chips & Bits and Amazon. So, why is the release of one of the most anticipated PC games being threatened by an after-the-holidays release? Cause the two companies, Vivendi Universal Games [VUG] and Valve, behind the Half Life games have been constantly bickering [in court].

Please Release Half-Life 2!

Vivendi Universal Games, in accordance with agreement to 2001 SPA, must release Half-Life 2 within six months after its release from Valve. Valve, obviously wanting to catch the holiday season, requested that VUG release the game within the earliest period of the six months. Valve, supposedly without the consent or support of VUG, then followed up by doing public announcements stating that the game will be released this September [last month!]. VUG's VP, Eric Roeder, responded publicly that VU Games does not support these announcements.

So what does this mean? It could mean disaster for the people who are waiting on the release of Half-Life 2. VUG can respond to the unauthorized announcements by holding the game from retail release for the entire six months; way past the holiday deadline. The people at VUG can use this holiday deadline to get Valve to give more concessions to VUG. However, VUG has been hurt before from withholding games for extended periods and now need the incoming cash flows that can be generated by such a highly anticipated game as Half-Life 2.

We will continue to hope that Half-Life 2 is released upon the nation before the holiday season is fully upon us. There have been rumors of a ladder-half November release but with 'no comment' from either side, who knows for sure.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Pictures from GameSpot

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