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Published October 4, 2004 in UPCOMING
By Ryan Parsons | Picture taken from Alexander site by Warner Bros.

Ferrell as Alexander
I have been away for a wedding for the last couple days and have recently learned of a couple updates in the movie industry. Before going away, CanMag.Com stated that the Robots trailer is now online. Now, based on these recent updates, it seems that Robots will not be the only CGI animation for 2005. Dreamworks has recently put up a trailer of its upcoming animation titled Madagascar. A film which will feature voice-overs from actors such as Chris Rock. The other trailer released is the final trailer for the upcoming film, starring Colin Farrell, Alexander.

Madagascar vs Robots

Judging by the trailer of Madagascar and Robots, I believe Robots to have the edge on the terms of comedy. This is probably thanks to the voice over by Robin Williams for Robots. However, this is just my own estimate, which can be turned over anytime with the release of new trailers for the two films. To also throw credit towards Madagascar, Dreamworks has pulled in a cast that includes Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada-Pinkett Smith, and more.

One of the refreshing perks about Madagascar seems to be the difference in style applied to the characters in this film. While most corners in animations are rounded [such as facial features] the look applied to Madagascar is rough, sharp, edges that actually add to a more three dimensional feel. This look can add a refreshing change to movie-goers.

To view the Madagascar trailer [set for release on May 27th, 2005], CLICK HERE

Final Alexander Trailer

I honestly enjoyed the first Alexander trailer more than this final one. However, what the final trailer does add is more information on characters besides Colin Farrell as Alexander. You will see much more of Val Kilmer, as Alexander's general Philip, and Angelina Jolie, as Alexander's mother Olympias. One character that still remains to be non-existent in the trailers is that of Hephaestion, played by Jared Leto.

There are a couple more action shots that show that the battles portrayed in the film are going to be pretty intense and graphic... Which mamma likes.

To check out the Alexander trailer, due this November, CLICK HERE
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Picture taken from Alexander site by Warner Bros.

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