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How To Make Your Own Jolly Ranchers / Hard Candy

Published May 27, 2004 in HOW TO
By Ryan Parsons | Campus Resource

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, Campus Resource offers a simple way to make your own home style jolly ranchers. All you need is a little corn syrup, sugar, water, and flavoring. Just a little amount of money can create pounds of your own jolly ranchers [hard candies].

What You Need
A bag of sugar [You will need 2 cups]
A bottle of light corn syrup [you will need a 2/3 cup]
Water from the sink [3/4 cup]
Bottle Flavoring/Extract of your choosing
No Stick Aluminum foil

Time to Cook
In a sauce pan, mix together all ingredients except for the flavoring. Heat mixture to 250o F or just before boiling. Allow the mixture to slowly heat to around 295o. This temperature is required for the mixture to fully harden as it cools. If you do not have a candy thermometer [likely], take a cup of cool water and repeatedly test the mixture by dropping a small sample into the cup. The syrup dropped in the water will harden soon after. At this time your mixture is ready to be removed from heat.

On removal from heat, begin to mix in the flavoring. The amount of flavoring required varies by type of flavor. Pour generous increments of flavoring in the mixture [be careful as the hot mixture will react to cool flavoring] and test the mixture after each increment by pouring a sample of the mixture [now with flavor] into your cup of water. Test for taste. Once you have reached your desired flavor begin to pour mixture onto trays lined with no stick aluminum foil.

After this step, you must now wait for the mixture to cool [can be placed in referigerator]. No pam or butter lining is necessary if you use 'no stick' aluminum foil. Once mixture cools all you must do is break it apart [will have irregular pieces].

That's it!!! Now you have your own home style jolly rancher hard candy.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Campus Resource

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