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CanMag.Com Sets Release Date for Next Issue

Published September 13, 2004 in UPDATE
By Ryan Parsons | none
Our next issue has finally recieved a release date! We are currently working on the next issue of The Can Magazine to be set for release on September 22. Remember, the new issue will offer about fourteen new articles plus a link back to previous issues. We will add a new article each day until there are approximately forty-five issues. By this time another issue will be in the process of getting published.

The Can Magazine Gets Set for Its Next Issue

As stated, our next issue is set for release by September 22. The issue should have some good new features and seems to be starting with a movie and pc game theme as most articles will be related somewhat to this issue. The issue is also going to feature three new writers to CanMag.Com which should allow a difference in reading flavor.

A hint of what to come includes a look at the film Machinist starring Bale. We also tell you the exact parts and instructions to build yourself a super computer for just under $1500.00. Expect advice from online daters and more news on upcoming entertainment from games, movies, music, and more. Our sound of the next issue is a piece from Craig Armstrong and our band of the month is Spread Eagle Surprise.

As for now we will continue working to hit our deadline while also offering some of the last articles to be published under this issue.
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