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After a Return from Vegas, We Relax and Review Some Photos

Published September 13, 2004 in VEGAS TRIP
By Ryan Parsons | CanMag.Com
CanMag.Com gets back from a great trip to Vegas for drinks, parties, fun, and winnings.

The Can Magazine Gets Back From Vegas

To start, most of our group won in Vegas. Craps at the Hard Rock hotel did well enough to put people way ahead or, at least back on top. One of our rookie shooter's, Stan, was able to hit two hard eights for the first two points to help get things under way. Craps seemed to be the game of the week, as other games such as Black Jack and Pai Gow, did not pay so well.

Nick shows exactly how to party in Vegas.

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino offers the sweet Backlot River Pool which allows one to drink and lazily float on a current for the entire day [a good way to stay even with Vegas]. However, as the day closes down, the fun really begins.

Hard Rock Hotel definately has the most young eye-candy of any casino. And the casino their is medium in size at best. Also, on their slower nights, Hard Rock has very slow service on the free drinks department. However, we visited on a Saturday and always encountered a full drink.

The only two clubs I was able to visit were Seven and Drais. Seven was alright but pretty empty [there also seemed to be a large Asian following to this club]. Drais, located at Barbary Coast, is the late night club that most people try to catch. It is very crowded at even the latest hours. Another plus is that you can experience Barbary Coast's extremely cheap breakfast immediately after leaving the club.

This is just a brief idea of our trip to Vegas. To get a better understanding check out the images below.

If you ever visit Vegas and do not know where to go, find a local or a younger hotel employee and they will fill you in on all the hot spots for the night. There seems to be a favorite place for every night in Vegas.

Colin likes to think he is made out of money.

Caleb and Mark show its always good to study up before hitting the tables in Vegas.

Chris and the 'Bride' to be.

Grant, Colin, and Ryan making a debut before heading out.

That's a good looking bunch of guys.

Some of us were lucky enough to fly private. And then, some were not.

Another picture of the gang.

Andy and Ryan

Andy shows how sleepy Vegas can make you.
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Ryan Parsons
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