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Colin Field Reports in from His Odyssey through Europe

Published May 17, 2004 in FIELD REPORTS
By Colin Field | Colin Field

Colin Field reports in during the beginning of his three month Odyssey around Europe and then some.


May 17: Letter #1
Pimps and Pimpetts,
What is going on! It's your boy C Field hitting you all up from Gent, Belgium. First things first, if you're getting emails from both Mike and I, you're better off just deleting his, mine will be better :) just kidding.

Rolled in here this morning, on our way to Brugge, coming from Brussels. We landed in London at about 9 am Thursday morning and everything has pretty much been non-stop since. We were greeted in the line for customs by the most amazing case of Brit-tooth you could possibly imagine. This women had front teeth that pointed directly at me when she turned around to look down the line. Needless to say, I almost lost it.

Anyways, London was pretty cool, after unloading our 30-pound backpacks at the hostel we hit the streets and proceeded to walk around for about 4 and a half hours. After a sleepless night on a plane, one row behind 6 shitfaced has-beens and numerous hours of exploration with the walking tour book known as Mike, we finally got some rest, but not before taking in some fine London ales (warm as you warned Ryan). We were done with London after that, it's too expensive and there's so much more to see elsewhere.

We cruised across the channel on a ferry, thought we were going to take the train, but they definitely fooled us. We're rolling towards the train entrance, but the bus takes a quick left and drives right onto the back of the ferry, ok, cool.

Brussels was the next stop. We unloaded around 6 am, just in time to see a Belgiun prostitute get dropped off, and then picked right back up. Seemed to be kind of a theme for the morning as we couldn't find a hostel to save our lives. Instead we walked around Brussels' red-light district and got stared at by transvestite hookers sitting in windows, not knowing we weren't Mike Guilbart, so we wouldn't be paying for anything. We did come across a kid asking for rolling papers (weed was decriminalized there in 94), but that conversation didn't last long. We could tell we weren't getting anywhere as he just kinda sat there and smiled up at us, baring his ridiculously tobacco stained teeth and reciting the 6 words he knew in english as if they were a poem to him.

But yeah, Brussels was decent, not too much to do other than look at the "Manequin Pis," a world famous fountain/statue of a small boy pissing all over the sidewalk. I was jealous, I can't lie, delirious too. For the second time in the four days we'd been here, we hadn't slept, and it definitely took it's toll on us. At any given moment Mike would break out into these hysterical laughs and whenever I was opening my mouth, complete giberish was coming out. Well worth it though.

Anyways, enough of our itinerary, overall we're both having a blast. Gent is a kick-ass city, cobblestone streets, tons of 15th century churches, and a castle with a moat. We're heading up to Brugge this afternoon, it's supposed to be the Naples of the north, I can't wait.

After that we're going to head south, maybe rent a house for a week in Italy, from a guy we met a couple nights ago. He said it would only be 135 euros for a week, and pending it's not a dump, we may do it. Supposedly it's on the beach, near the city Pisa. Also plan on getting down to Greece for a couple days before getting back up to Amsterdam to meet Bassam (can't fucking wait man).

I hope everyone is doing well, I miss all of you...except Russo. Ryan, Andy, Meadow [our dog] for me please, I miss her too




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Colin Field
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