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See How Governor Schwarzenegger Adds Up As Stated by SB Independant

Published May 20, 2004 in POLITICS
By Ryan Parsons | Santa Barbara Independant

Santa Barbara Independant writes an article discussing Arnold Schwarzenegger and how he has done (good or bad) during this first period of his term. Discussions include how he handles the California budget problem as well as whether or not he has set out to fulfill the promises he made while campaigning and at the beginning of his term.

The Report
In summary, so far it seems that Arnold is 'the man.' He has been successful for various reasons, one obviously being his coming into office as the popular actor. Because of this, there has never been such an interest in California politics among the younger groups [19 - 24] until now. The California politic, with the arrival of Governor Schwarzenegger, has had a kindled flame re-lit. Anyway, onto his strengths.

His People
Ah-nuld surrounds himself with a group that is such a partisan contradiction that it seems that they would be unable to agree on anything. However, he is also able to quell both groups by one, fulfilling his no tax increase agenda, and also stating that gay marriage was 'fine by me' while discussing with Jay Leno on national television.

His Agenda
The number one thing on Arnold's plate is balancing the California budget. The extreme hike in the car tax set down by Davis was quickly put down by the new Governor; a hike that would have generated another four billion for the state (a decision I am thankful for). He then turned around and was able to get approval for a fifteen billion dollar state bond to help handle the state debt. Arnold has now been trying to work with local governments in order to borrow out of their budget for the good of the state [an amount that is hoping to reach ~1.3 billion dollars].

His Celebrity
When the Governor could not achieve his aim through charm or force he would resort to his celebrity, a tool that seems to have amazing power and draw in politics. Ala Reagan? In the end, Arnold has continuously grown after his arrival to the states. Finding an outlet in body building, then gaining popularity through film, and finally completing repute with the Governor of an economy that is one of the five largest in the nation.

People Speak Out
In the article run in the Santa Barbara Independant, persons such as Henry Yang [Chancellor, UCSB], Naomi Schwartz, Brooks Firestone, Abel Maldonado, Tom McClintock, and more speak out about how they feel about Arnold's term so far. The consensus? So far the majority favor Arnold on a wide scale. A quote from the Independant states, 'Far smarter than both detractors and admirers expected, the new governor has thrown himself into the task of government with a focus and discipline few statehouse pros have ever seen.'

Read the Article
To read the entire article and to see how Arnold 'grades,' click here.



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