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Men Finally Have A Clinical Reason to Masturbate

Published May 25, 2004 in HEALTH
By Ryan Parsons | New Scientist

Everyone is used to hearing the phrase, 'an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.' It is good to know a little habit, such as eating an apple a day, can keep your nutrition levels up in order to help you maintain a healthy body. Does this apply to other things as well? Of course it does. People work-out, walk, run, take supplements, and do other constant habits in order for them to keep their body healthy and immune system up. However, there has been a habit, more so consumed by men, that helps lower the chances of cancer among males. What is the habit you ask? Masterbation!

'An ejaculation five or more times a week keeps the doctor away?'
It has been reported through a study conducted on thirty-thousand men that male ejaculation may be healthy for men; especially in the early years [18 +]. By ejaculating twenty-one, or more, times a month, a male is decreasing his risk of getting prostate cancer by approximately a third. This is good news for males and all the fornicators out there. However, this does not mean you can use the 'I need to hit my twenty-one quota' line on the ladies. The recent US study confirms a previous, and smaller, Aussie study that had the same findings.

How Can This Be?
So, yes, ejaculation, either through sex or masturbation, is good for you. But why? There are many biological reasons that back this study. As stated in the New Scientist, increased ejaculation may allow the prostate gland to clear itself of carcinogens or of materials that form a substrate for the development of carcinogens. Another theory states that through constant drainage of the prostate, there is little chance of the development of crystalloid microcalcifications which are carcinogenic.

The study summarizes that masturbation in the early years of male adulthood is important when lowering the risk of prostate cancer. It has yet to be studied whether frequent ejaculation, during later years, will lower cancer levels in older males. However, who cares and good times.

We would also like pointing out that masturbation helps one to relax, relieve pressure, and get a good nights sleep. Or is that just us?

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: New Scientist

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