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New Study on Atkins Diet Proves Peoples Beliefs Otherwise

Published May 18, 2004 in DIET
By Ryan Parsons | USA Today, All Info About

The Atkins diet, a craze that seems to never die out, has been ever popular with dieters. Instead of giving up strictly fat grams and calories, a dieter part of Atkins must throw aside bread, pasta, vegatables, and fruits in favor of steak, chicken, pork, cheese, and more cheese. So, instead of obesity one is instead faced with a carbo hungry body and a clogged heart (at least what one should think). The Atkins diet has been sworn upon by many as a way to shed pounds to a better extent than any other 'counting calories/grams' diet system. However, during one of the largest studies on carbohydrates and dieting, it has been proven otherwise on both accounts.

But before we discuss this study, funded by the Atkins Foundation, we will cover the benefits and the down-sides of joining the Atkins craze.

*Items marked in blue were findings of the recent Duke study posted by USA Today.


  • One of the hardest parts of a diet is cutting out foods you enjoy most. In the case of Atkins you can enjoy your favorite foods such as meat, cream, and cheese; all high in fat.
  • No fear of getting hungry since you are allowed to eat as long as carbohydrates are kept to a minimum.
  • It has been claimed that our bodies can process Insulin better on low-carb diets.
  • Improves levels of triglycerides; blood fats.
  • Increases amount of 'good' cholestrol

  • Disadvantages

  • Atkins has just as high a drop-out rate as all other diets.
  • Since the body is low in carbohydrates, it is forced to use fats for energy which causes increased uric acid and ketones. A side effect being kidney problems, gout, and headaches.
  • Constipation from low fiber.
  • Can cause increased hart problems from increased saturated foods.
  • In recent study it showed that the Atkins dieter lost 11 pounds after a year while the calorie counter lost eight. A difference that is insignificant..

  • Conclusion found by the study
    One of the largest drawback's to Atkins was its influence on the heart. However, in the recent study it was proven that the low-carb diet actually increases 'good' cholesterol levels and lowers triglycerides in the blood. Triglycerides are a type of blood fat proven to cause coronary disease. There is also no proof that the diet is significantly any better than other diets in the long run [over one year]. So what does this mean? Probably nothing. As people choose their diet program on the benefits of each, and Atkins benefits can sway the hard to do dieter to its side.


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    Ryan Parsons
    Sources: USA Today, All Info About

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