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We Turn Our Heads Back to Blade: Trinity and Star Wars: Battlefront

Published September 17, 2004 in UPDATE
By Ryan Parsons | Pictures used from GameSpot and Blade: Trinity

A vacation that will leave you breathless with blue waters and laser fire

Lucas Arts Updated Their Star Wars: Battlefront Site

Wow, we turn our heads for less than a day and notice that two other internet sites are bringing great news. First, we have had our eyes on the upcoming Lucas Arts [PC] game, Star Wars: Battlefront, and in our last article we tried to guess what maps were being offered on initial release. The Battlefront site has recently updated and lists ALL maps with photos and panning video. The site also claims that there will be one planet left to be revealed [a planet from the upcoming film Episode III]. However, the listed planets including Hoth, Yavin IV, Naboo, Geonosis, Kamino, Endor, Rhen Var, Tatooine, and Bespin all have unique atmospheres to allow a different look and style on each battlefield.

Also, if you do not have flash support, or would rather see the images and video through HTML, head over to GameSpot where they offer impressive coverage on the newly listed maps.

Blade III: Trinity Cranks Out a New Trailer

Van Wilder has finally graduated and now some one is going to pay.
Most likely for the release of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow [on which we have heard good rumors, expect a review soon], the people of New Line have put the second full trailer for Blade III: Trinity on the internet and into theatres. I had not become excited for this comic book series until after seeing the second Blade, which featured some impressive action and a thought out story. Hence, we are definitely going to catch the next film to this saga when it hits the theatres [if not earlier]. If you have your doubts head over to Joblo to check out the trailer. Notice the fresh cast that includes Ryan Reynolds [Van Wilder] as Hannibal King.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Pictures used from GameSpot and Blade: Trinity

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