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The Top Five Most Anticipated Video Games of the Year

Published May 14, 2004 in CONSOLE GAMES
By Ryan Parsons | Some images taken from GameSpot

Since students are usually avid video game players on both consoles and the computer, Campus Resource discusses the top five highly anticipated games (four on the PC and one on the X-Box) that will be coming to us before this year is up. Here are your five contenders:

Top Five Anticipated Games for 2004
Halo 2
Half Life 2
Doom 3
City of Heroes
Battle for Middle Earth

#5: Battle for Middle Earth
A RTS that utilizes the same engine that powers the C&C: Generals game series from EA GAMES. The user will be able to select multiple types of compaigns allowing control of good or evil armies. Every major battle from the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be put into this game and then some.

Why it will be HOT

  • Lord of the Rings Fan Base
  • An RTS engine that allows the user to strategically control massive armies from the LOTR trilogy.
  • Immense Online Multiplayer Support
  • Score provided by Howard Shore
  • Main Strength
    Besides using the powerful C&C: Generals game engine, the game will also consist of a new Emotion Engine. This means units are going to react and fight much more realistic. Units will show praise with victories and fear from larger foes. Reactions will be realistic as units scream with frustration, pain, and outrage while also quiver and hide behind their shields in fear. A great dimensiont to add to any RTS.


    #4: City of Heroes
    Players are allowed to create and take on the roles of super heroes while protecting their city from destruction by monsters, aliens, and other villians.

    Why it will be HOT

  • Can create your own hero
  • Immense Online Multiplayer Support
  • Has only been one other great super hero style game: Freedom Force
  • The game is setup so each level is unique when replayed allowing for an endless run of super hero adventures.
  • Main Strength
    The customization options of each users hero will draw a large crowd since once your hero is created you can have him/her go fight online with other custom heros. The graphics also look pretty slick.

    #3: Doom 3
    This game re-tells the original Doom with heightened graphics, game play, weapons, and visuals. You play as a security officer that is sent to Mars where all hell breaks loose from experimentation. You are set to face a multitude of villians in a very 3D environment (the textures are unbelievable).

    Why it will be HOT

  • Straight up full action shooter
  • Textures and graphics are almost too good
  • One of the few games that actually tries to scare its players
  • An almost cult following
  • Main Strength
    Since I have yet to see a trailer for the game that shows actual game play, it seems that the two essentials to this game are its glorious graphics and its cult following.

    #2: Halo 2
    It was a hard call to decide which game got to be number one. Halo achieves high placement as its predecessor was X-Box's trophy game and, after viewing new game play footage, I must say that the game has been improved significantly with cooler weapons, realistic vehicle movements, and a much more interactive environment. Hopefully, the folks at Bungie won't make the same mistake of not having the game X-Box Live compatable.

    Why it will be HOT

  • The original was a piece of art
  • Every aspect of the game seems to have been polished and impoved upon
  • The environment!! Vehicles now show damage spots and stationary objects can be used for a multitude of purposes.
  • Main Strength
    If it is anywhere as good as the original, which it looks like it will be and then some, the game will bring X-Box continued glory.

    #1: Half Life 2
    I recently watched the Half Life 2 game play trailer and the only thing I could think of was WOW. Every part of the environment is interactive. When you are shot at through a window you will see the shades kick up as the bullets hit them. There is also a multitude of ways to kill or avoid your foe. During the trailer you witness the player close a door behind him and then block it with a table as the enemy was trying to push it open.

    Why it will be HOT

  • Graphics/sound looks great
  • The characters look insanely real. You will notice that the eyes are their own object and move independantly of the entire face. You will witness facial gestures from computer units.
  • The environment, the environment, the environment!! Use everything in the surrounding environment to help you hide, move, and kill your enemy. Truly outstanding.
  • Main Strength
    The interactive environment and the fact that the original was also a hit. Go watch the trailers!!!

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    Ryan Parsons
    Sources: Some images taken from GameSpot

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